We have finished our Christmas pre-pilot episode. It is awesomely festive, chewey goodness.

Stay tuned for updates on the planned pilot for this show.


We have added a few more movies to the front page. We are now up to 42 on this page. Forty-Two, now why does that number seem familiar?

Well anyway, check out all of our movies.


Reshaped the website and we have added our latest film. Here is the piece we made for the 29 Days Later Festival, What's My Motivation.

Check it out right now, seriously check it out, go on, click it, click it. Click It!


We have just finished and submitted our film for this year's 29 Days Later Film Festival.

We did something a little different this year. Instead of making our own stand alone film, we placed our own Jon Schaumburg in as many of the other films as we could. Originally it was a bit of a stunt, but once we looked at the footage, we were compelled to tell a different story. This movie delves quite a bit deeper than we intended into what makes the independent filmmaker tick.

So please come to the screening where you will get to see our latest work and of course the eight plus movies starring our very own Jon Schaumburg.

29 Days Film Festival
7:00 pm Tuesday, August 21st
Patterson Theater
3134 Eastern Avenue,
Baltimore 21224


And now a special treat for Easter, Jesus and the Publicist.

Happy Easter!